Chimney Doctor, LLC


Cleaning and Repairs

Fireplace Cleaning your chimney should be a top priority for most homeowners. As we sweep the structure clean using chimney sweepers and the finest chimney cleaning vacuum, we can also evaluate areas for a potential masonry repair. We include a video scan inspection with every cleaning when possible. In addition, ask our professionals about possible waterproofing procedures.

Building a Better Structure

Chimney Although we don't perform new construction projects, we do offer teardown-and-rebuild procedures. We'll remove your old chimney materials and rebuild it with brand-new products. Our team also performs stove and liner installations.

Chimney Doctor serves the Huntington to Charleston, West Virginia, region and surrounding communities including Putnam, Kanawha, & Cabell Counties. We'll be happy to point out some improvements that you can make to your chimney during our appointment. In the end, you'll have an energy-efficient structure throughout the fall and winter months.

Keeping Mother Nature at Bay

Your chimney can be a haven for wild animals, so allow us to protect your home with a quality chimney cap. We only use the best stainless steel products by HomeSaver and GelCo while working on your home. These caps cover the open chimney section using a mesh or metal section to vent the smokey fumes outdoors. In fact, we can also remove animals and nests from your chimney. Our team will carefully remove the animal and cap the structure so that you'll never have that problem again.

Snow Removal and Deicing